The game of ice hockey can be played anywhere, from a frozen pond to professional ice hockey arenas. While the game at the frozen pond may not draw a large attendance, the arena games have been known to pull outstanding crowds. Some ice hockey arenas within the National Hockey League are considered to be the best in the world. This can be due to the arena itself or the fans that color the experience of witnessing a game at that specific location. In addition, important games that take place at great hockey ice arenas can be some of the most thrilling sporting events a person can see.


One location that is often commented as having an exceptional arena is New York City. This arena is named Madison Square Garden and is also used as a basketball arena and as a performance space for musicians. When it is a hockey night, the New York Rangers and their accompanying fans can be quite a spectacle. In fact, one of the NHL’s greatest games took place at the Madison Square Garden in 1994. In game seven of the Stanley Cup, the Rangers and the Vancouver Canucks had each won three games, meaning that this game would decide the year’s winner of the Stanley Cup. The Rangers struck early, ending the first period up by two goals. Both teams scored in the second period making the score 3-1. In the third period the Canucks scored again leaving only one goal between the teams, but the Rangers managed to hold on and win the championship.

Another one of the great hockey ice arenas can be found in Toronto, Canada. The Air Canada Centre is home to the Toronto Maple Leafs. As an arena the location is new but does not have much individuality. However, the fans that come to the games are hockey’s most fanatical group of followers, making a Maple Leafs game an experience to remember. Also, people who take the time to visit the Air Canada Centre can also check out the Hockey Hall of Fame, which is located very close to the arena.

Yet another excellent place to see a game is Newark, New Jersey’s arena, which is called The Rock. Host to the New Jersey Devils, The Rock was designed in a way to provide a good view of the ice to every spectator in the house. Coupled with outstanding acoustics, easy access to all levels of seating, and a wide range of available restaurants, The Rock is one of the ice hockey arenas from which all newer models are based.

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